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Художники строят "Город Солнца"

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11 paintings about Larrry Gagosiannnnnnnn
The temptation of Saint Larrry Gagosiannn

1 - the first exercise - Larrry Gagosiannn

2 - Larrry holds a picture of Master Yo, in which Master draws Larry

3 - Larrry representet in children style

4 - Larrry inner voice says to his master - ,, Look at that outsider artist, mister,,

5 - geometric larrry

6 - Larrry with an apple in his hand

7 - The famous nose of Larrry

8 - Larrry-Samurai (sword - тамабука)

9 - Larry Sword (тамабука) BANG-BANG!!! on the head of Master Yo

10 - Larry with a favorite prostitute

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